Business Conference



The transactional advisory service has proven over the years to be a prudent and profitable service for hundreds of business owners. Furthermore, it has shown to be a wise use of Aegis’s experience in maximizing the value of a client’s business asset in a sell transaction or, if buying a business, their capital investment. Aegis will manage the entire process for the client with a typical close of a sale within nine (9) months or less and a buy transaction within 6 months or less.


The ideal profile for a transactional advisory client is:

Business owners that desire to sell their business immediately;

Business owners that have been approached about selling their business by a third-party;

Business owners that are selling their business and already have a buyer; or

Business owners that have identified a business they want to buy.


Day 1 to 30:


Collection of due diligence items necessary to develop marketing materials and perform financial and operational analysis of the business, conduct in-depth research of the business’ industry and develop initial buyer (suitor) list, and finalize all go-to-market information, including marketing material, a virtual data room, and suitor analysis.

Day 30 to Initial Buyer Offer:


Conduct outreach and host discussions with interested suitors, provide follow-up information and analysis to interested suitors necessary for a decision on an offer, adjust suitor list or marketing materials if the market differs from initial expectations, and receive, review, and negotiate initial offers or Indications of Interest (IOI).

Acceptance of Final Offer to Closing of Transaction:


Further due diligence will be conducted by the buyer, and once both parties agree to mutually acceptable terms, the offer will be formalized through a Letter of Intent (LOI). Upon execution of the LOI by both parties, the buyer will conduct confirmatory and final due diligence, including, but not limited to, extensive market research, site visits, Quality of Earnings analysis and reporting, and other operations and legal due diligence activities necessary to facilitate a smooth business transition. Once final due diligence is complete, the buy-side will prepare the necessary legal documents, which are reviewed and negotiated by the Seller prior to final drafts being distributed. On the closing date, and in some cases beforehand, the buyer and seller will execute all legal documents and begin the transition process for the business.