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The ideal profile for a transactional advisory client is:

Business owners that desire to sell their business immediately;

Business owners that have been approached about selling their business by a third-party;

Business owners that are selling their business and already have a buyer; or

Business owners that have identified a business they want to buy.


Business Valuation & Analysis (60-90 days):


  • Business valuation conducted

  • Detailed analysis of key financial metrics performed

  • Seller goals & objectives for a potential transaction evaluated

Transactional Advisory:

  • Confidential marketing process initiated

    • Market research​

    • Analysis of potential suitors

  • Selection of strategic and financial buyers for suitor outreach

  • Negotiations of transaction structure

  • Final due diligence is performed and transaction is closed



Target Evaluation & Assessment (30-60 days):

  • Establish clear acquisition criteria, including geography and company characteristics 

  • Confidential outreach process initiated

    • Financial analysis and valuation materials for targets produced

    • Operations analysis and overview of business completed

    • Client decision

Transactional Advisory:

  • Assists with and delivers the terms of proposed offer

  • Negotiates final terms and structure with target

  • Confirmatory due diligence and transaction documentation produced prior to closing


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