The pre-divestiture advisory service is critical in maximizing the value of the business prior to entering a sale process and many times, the key to finding the right buyer. Aegis will prepare the client’s business for sale as they have successfully done for hundreds of businesses over the last 25 years. Upon the completion of a pre-divestiture advisory phase, over 80% of Aegis’s pre-divestiture advisory clients successfully complete a sale of their business within six (6) months. 

The ideal profile for a pre-divestiture advisory client is:

Business owners that desire to sell their business within 12 to 48 months or;

Business owners that tried to sell but failed to complete a transaction.


Day 1 to 60:

Collection of due diligence material necessary to better understand the businesses operations and financials, review corporate governance and administrative processes, determine goals and objectives of the Shareholder(s), and outline strategies and actions necessary to maximize value upon a business sale.

Day 60 to End of PDA Engagement (12 to 48 months):

Implementation of strategies and actions to accomplish specific goals and objectives, quarterly updates of due diligence information, consultation for business decisions that impact future value, semi-annual analysis and updates of market activity within the industry, and advisement to ownership of potential sale opportunities and buyer activities prior to entering the sale process.

Decision to Sell:

Upon making the decision to take the business to market, all due diligence information and marketing materials will be finalized, and the business will enter either the M&A or ESOP Advisory process.